Police Department

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Police Department

Thank you for your interest in the Village of Harwood Heights Police Department. Within these pages you will find general information regarding our Department, as well as how to report crime and request police services. This website is a valuable tool that helps link our police agency to the community. By providing an efficient mechanism for you to communicate with us, we hope to enhance our level of service and accountability to our citizens. Within the website you will also find links to areas that include local crime alerts, newsworthy events, and various Department programs.

The Village of Harwood Heights Police Department is a full service agency. The Department is a member agency of the Major Crimes Assistance Team (MCAT), Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)  and Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) which consists of mutual aid access, emergency service team officers, and mobile field force officers. The Police Department is heavily involved in training so officers can reach their full potential within the agency. We have committed much of our staff to these partnerships because they are professional organizations that can assist us greatly in major incidents and investigations.

The Department contains many specialty positions. Those Officers have received a significant amount of training in their specialties such as Homicide Investigation, Rapid Deployment, Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Technicians, Bicycle Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Juvenile Officer, Criminal Investigator, and Gang Crimes Investigator. We are proud of the knowledge that our specialty services officers bring to our Department and community.

Services of the Police Department include alcohol awareness training for bartenders; Officer Friendly Program for school children; Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) for elementary students; Neighborhood Watch; and I Live Alone.

It is the responsibility of the Police Department to preserve the public peace, prevent crime, protect life and property, apprehend criminals, and detect and arrest those who break the law or disregard Village ordinances. The Department has fully embraced the community policing philosophy addressing problem solving, reducing crime and the perception of crime, and improving the quality of life in our community. This is accomplished by ongoing interaction and partnerships with residents, schools, businesses, and other Village departments.

The Harwood Heights Police Department is composed of men and women who believe that serving and protecting is our most important goal. We strive for personal and professional excellence, dedication to duty, and service to the public. We will continue to make every effort to achieve these goals for the residents and workers within the Village of  Harwood Heights.


John DeVries
Chief of Police


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