Vehicle Sticker Information

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Vehicle Sticker Info

Vehicle stickers must be displayed by May 1st of each year and they are valid until April 30th of the following year.  There will be a $10.00 late fee charge for stickers purchased on or after June 1st of each year.

The fees for vehicle stickers are:

Auto-Passenger Cars - $20.00
RV's - $20.00
Age 65 and Over (one per household) - $2.00
Motorcycle - $20.00
B Truck - $50.00
D Truck - $60.00
F Truck - $80.00
H Truck - $100.00
J Truck - $120.00
Over 28,000 Pounds - $140.00
Trailers - $80.00
Taxi/Livery - $60.00
Transfer Fee - $1.00

In order to obtain a sticker for the first time, your vehicle must be registered to your Harwood Heights address and you must bring in your vehicle registration or bill of sale.  You must purchase your vehicle sticker within 30 days from moving into Harwood Heights to avoid getting a ticket.

Vehicle sticker renewal applications are mailed in March or early April of each year.  Please provide the application(s) when purchasing a sticker for your vehicle(s).

Vehicle stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall during normal business hours- Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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