Zbigniew Lewandowski Bio

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Ziggy LewandowskiI was born and raised in Poland.  In 1976 I came to the United States to join my wife, Ewa.  Twenty-nine years ago we moved to Harwood Heights – a small and vibrant community with great access to shopping, transportation, medical, and all other important residential services.  We love and enjoy every moment of living here.  Our son, Patryk, enjoyed growing up in Harwood Heights and participated in all Village organized activities available to children - including the Harwood Heights baseball league.

My education background is in the Technical Field in Manufacturing Technology acquired in Poland.  During my 40 year career in the private sector, my strong work ethic, hard work, discipline, and positive attitude allowed me to learn through work and school many new skills that resulted in my promotion to supervisory and managerial positions, with various increased responsibilities in department, project and facility management.  On behalf of my company, I have traveled several times to Europe.

Together with my wife, Ewa, we are members of St. Monica’s Parish and serve as Eucharistic Ministers. Over the years we have volunteered and participated in many community activities benefiting our church, as well as our community.  I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus.  I possess strong family and faith-based values that I believe help me to serve my community and my fellow residents.  From the time I moved to Harwood Heights, I have connected with my neighbors and became their voice - communicating with Village officials on issues pertaining to safety, health, and well-being.

I have served our Village and its residents as Administrative Assistant to the Mayor.  I also served as the Police Commissioner and was appointed in 2018 to the position of Village Trustee.  Now I serve as an elected official in that position.  I am honored and humbled to be able to serve and represent residents of our Village as a member of our Village Board.

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