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Red Light Camera Enforcement

Per the Illinois Compiled Statutes, 625 ILCS 5/11-208.6 Automated Traffic Law Enforcement System: “(k-7)  A municipality or county operating an automated traffic law enforcement system shall conduct a statistical analysis to assess the safety impact of each automated traffic law enforcement system at an intersection following installation of the system. The statistical analysis shall be based upon the best available crash traffic and other date, and shall cover a period of time before and after installation of the system sufficient to provide a statistically valid comparison of safety impact…”

To view the statistical reports for the Harlem & Lawrence or Harlem & Foster intersections, click on the links below.

Harlem & Foster Crash Data Analysis

Harlem & Foster 3-Year Follow-up Evaluation Report

Harlem & Lawrence Statistical Analysis

*Please note that the availability of statistical analysis reports is contingent on crash data being released to the public by the Illinois Department of Transportation.


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