Surveillance Camera Program

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Surveillance Camera Program

The Harwood Heights Police Department would like your help solving crime.  We are implementing a new, voluntary program and would like to partner with residents or businesses that have surveillance cameras and would like to help.  Officers can spend a great deal of time determining if an offender may have been caught on nearby cameras while leaving the scene of a crime.  With camera systems becoming more and more prevalent, we are asking Harwood Heights residents and businesses that would like to make the Police Department aware of their surveillance systems to sign up to help expedite investigations and catch criminals.

Signing up is easy and the program is voluntary.  If you would like to participate, here are the details:

  •  To sign up, just complete/submit the form below.  It will be sent to Commander Steve Biagi.   [email protected]
  •  Your information is then gathered and available for investigators should they ever need to contact you and ask for your help solving a crime.
  •  Anything you provide is treated as completely confidential.
  •  You will not be contacted unless an officer or detective is investigating a crime in your area and we would only ask to see video footage of the time frame when a particular crime occurred.
  •  We only want to know about cameras that view public areas such as streets and sidewalks.
  •  Signing up is only to advise the Police Department of the location of your cameras; no remote access or live viewing is occurring.

If a serious crime takes place in your neighborhood, you can help your neighbors and the community with your voluntary participation. We hope that you will.  Still have questions? Contact Detective/Sergeant Jolanta Smith at 708-867-4353.

NOTE:  TAB to each field to enter data and SUBMIT when finished.

  • Example: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, etc.

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