Metropolitan Mayors Caucus – Get Counted In Illinois

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The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is a membership organization of the Chicago region’s 275 cities, towns and villages.  At their February 21 business meeting, they showed a brief video that promotes a complete count for the 2020 Census.  The video “Get Counted in Illinois” is 1 minute/16 seconds in length and it encourages citizens to respond to the Census.  To view this video, click on the link below.

“Get Counted In Illinois” Video

(The production of this video entitled “Get Counted in Illinois” has been paid for by Forefront, an association of private foundations in the Chicago area.  Forefront and their member foundations have provided resources to municipalities and other organizations who are working to encourage citizens to respond to the Census.  The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus has received permission from Forefront to make the video available to Caucus members for airing locally.)

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