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Tree Planting Grant Program (2020)

If you are interested in obtaining a FREE tree for your parkway, this grant program is for you.  We would like to thank Morton Arboretum for working with the Village to provide residents a parkway tree at no cost!

The Village is rolling out Phase One of this project - which is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Residents will be responsible for watering and care of the tree once it has been planted.  You must know the size of your parkway so the appropriate tree can be planted.  Measure your parkway from the sidewalk to the curb to see if it's nearest to 3-feet, 9-feet, or 12-feet.

Orders must be submitted by Monday, August 24, 2020.  To place an order, click on the following link - or call Trinity from the Arboretum at 708-323-7173.  A representative from the Morton Arboretum will contact you to evaluate the site for your tree.  Planting will take place by the end of September.

We will work with Morton Arboretum for an opportunity to offer additional trees next year.

To view photos and descriptions of the trees being offered, click here.



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