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The Village of Harwood Heights - Established 1947

Main Phone Number - 708-867-7200
Sun March 24, 2019
A small town of big opportunities.
Lawrence Steiner

I was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago .  Many of my personal values and beliefs were derived not only from my family but from the education I received at St. Pascal Grammar School and St. Patrick High School .   


 Twenty-five years ago I had the opportunity to move to Harwood Heights and I found my neighbors to be friendly and welcoming.   My wife, Sue, and I have found the village to be a positive and safe place in which our family values and goals flourished.  Our children, and more recently, our grandchildren reaped the benefits of living in a strong family-oriented community.  

I began working in the food industry while I was still in high school and held a number of different positions over the last 30 years.  My long-term career commitment and degree in Business Administration from Wright College eventually led to a promotion as Regional Manager.  My responsibilities included sales, forecasting, team management, and oversight of multi-million dollar annual budgets. 


I served as the Union Ridge PTA Treasurer and managed a Harwood Heights Youth Baseball team.  Sue and I are parishioners of St. Rosalie Church and are catechists in the Religious Education program for more than 10 years.  We volunteered at the annual fundraising carnival and served as Ministers of Care.  Always ready to teach or raise my voice in song, I am a member of the St. Theresa Liturgical Ensemble and the Alumni Chorus of St. Patrick HS.  My experience as catechist has been rewarding and challenging as all of us seek to find meaning in an increasingly complex global society.  


I believe that Harwood Heights ’ strength lies in the willingness of residents to work together to achieve  the common good for all of us.  Each person must bring forward their strengths so that our village can continue to grow.  My commitment to Harwood Heights lies in my strong family and spiritual values and pledge to work on behalf of all Harwood Heights residents so that our community remains strong and vibrant well into the future.


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