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The Village of Harwood Heights - Established 1947

Main Phone Number - 708-867-7200
Sun April 21, 2019
A small town of big opportunities.
General Information

Licenses and Fees

Vehicle Stickers must be displayed May 1st of each year. There will be a $10.00 late fee charge for stickers purchased on or after June 1st of each year.

The Vehicle Registration fees are:

  • Auto-Passenger Cars - $20.00
  • RV's - $20.00
    Age 65 and Over (one per household) - $2.00 Processing Fee 
  • Motorcycle - $20.00
  • B Truck - $50.00
  • D Truck - $60.00
  • F Truck - $80.00
  • H Truck - $100.00
  • J Truck - $120.00
  • Over 28,000 Pounds - $140.00
  • Trailers - $80.00
  • Taxi/Livery - $60.00
    Transfer Fee - $1.00
  • Late Fee After May 1st $10.00

Dog & Cat Licenses: $2.00 - A copy of the animals rabies inoculation must be present at time of purchase. The maximum number of dogs or cats per household is 3.

Red Speed
The Village of Harwood Heights has a Red Speed camera located on Lawrence Avenue at Harlem Avenue.  This intersection is a No Turn on Red.  If you would like to view a violation you can visit the website at https://www.redlightviolations.com  or if you have any questions please call 866 331 7728.

Safe Speed
The Village of Harwood Heights has a Camera located at Harlem and Foster.  Please call 877 262 3318 with any questions.


Service Flag

  • The Village of Harwood Heights Beautification Committee wants to show its respect and appreciation to our Armed Forces fighting in the War Against Terrorism by offering their families a Service Flag to exhibit.

    The Service Flag was first displayed in the front windows of homes during World War I to signify a son or husband serving in the Armed Forces. The flag quickly became known as the "son in service flag" with each blue star indicating one family member. During World War II, the Department of War issued specifications on the manufacture of the flag as well as guidelines indicating when and by whom the Service flag could be flown or the Service Lapel button could be worn (an example of the flag can be seen hanging in the window of Mrs. Ryan's house in the movie Saving Private Ryan).

    The Service flag is authorized for display by Americans to honor their family members who are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during ANY period of war or hostilities.

    Keep America proud of our Armed Forces by participating in this custom to honor our servicemen and women and to recognize and acknowledge the risk their families face while their loved ones fight to protect our freedom!

    Please join us in reviving this almost forgotten tradition by displaying the flag, wearing the button, or telling your friends that have family members serving in the Armed Forces.

    Harwood Heights residents having family members protecting our freedoms may request this Service Flag by calling the Harwood Heights Village Hall at 867-7200.
Freedom Of Information Act

In 1984, the Illinois General Assembly enacted the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The Act states that "all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials and public employees..."

Some examples of the records available under the Act are: policy statements, ordinances, reports or studies, public contracts, the names, titles and salaries of public employees, and the voting records of all public bodies.

The Act allows public bodies to charge reasonable fees to pay for copying costs. Public bodies may waive the fees if disclosure is in the public interest.

You can request to view or obtain copies of public records by seeing the Village Clerk at the Harwood Heights Village Hall, 7300 W. Wilson Avenue, Harwood Heights, Illinois 60706. Certain Police Department records can be obtained through this act at the Police Department. A form is available for you to complete and sign.

A public body has five working days to respond after it received a written request for information under the Act. A public body may inform you in writing that it requires an additional 5 days to respond to a request for several reasons. The public body is required to disclose all records responsive to your request unless it can properly invoke an exemption provided in the Act. It is their responsibility to show the records are entitled to be exempt from disclosure.

A denial must be in writing, and must include the names and titles of everyone responsible for the denial. It must also give the reasons for denial. The denial must also include notice of your right to appeal the denial.

If you are denied access to information, you may appeal to the head of the public body. A letter to the head of the public body will start the process. Within 5 working days, the head of the public body must review the requested record, determine whether denial is proper under the Act and notify you of the determination.

If the head of the public body also denies you access, you may go to court for access to the records.

To read the Freedom of Information Act you can access it online at the Illinois General Assembly website.

You may print out a copy of the Freedom of Information Act form by going to the side navigation called FOIA Form on the Village's main page. To view the form and print it out you will need the Adobe reader which you can obtain for free at:

Get Adobe Reader

Early Warning System

The Village of Harwood Heights is connected with Norridge and Norwood Park Township with an early warning system. This system is used to warn the residents of impending disasters such as tornados as well as other natural disasters and Civil Defense emergencies.

At 10:00 AM on the first Tuesday of each month the system is tested. If you should hear the warning at any other time please listen for instructions that will be broadcast over the system.

You can learn more about protecting yourself in the event of a disaster by going to the Cook County Sheriff Emergency Management Agency.

Village Bus
Village of Harwood Heights Helper Bus

Need help getting out of the house for errands and appointments? Give our Village bus driver a call at (708) 280-7203 to be picked up.

Our bus can take you to where you want to go within the Village as well as the following areas outside the Village:

  • Harlem & Irving Plaza
  • Norridge Commons
  • Harlem & Foster Plaza
  • Norwood Park Township
  • Kmart
  • Walgreens
  • Senior Assistance Center

    Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 to 2 (Returns only until 3)

Sunday from 7 to Noon

PACE also offers curb to curb transportation for disabled residents.  Click here to learn more.



Refuse and Recycling

In keeping with the Village's desire to help the environment we have an ongoing curbside recycling program. If you have any questions or need an additional cart please call Republic Services at (847) 981- 0091.


  • Aluminum Cans, Trays & Foil (trays & foil must be cleaned)
  • Steel Cans & Tins
  • Aseptic Packaging & Gable Top Containers (milk & juice cartons)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars - (clear, brown, green), no window glass, dinnerware or ceramics
  • PET Soda, Water, & Flavored Beverage Bottles (#1 clear and green plastic resin)
  • HDPE Milk & Juice Jugs (#2 clear plastic resin)
  • HDPE Detergent & Fabric Softener Containers (#2 colored plastic resin)
  • PVC Narrow Neck Containers Only (#3 plastic resin): such as health & beauty aid products, household cleaners
  • LDPE Grocery Containers (#4 plastic resin): such as margarine tubs, frozen desert cups, six and twelve pack rings.
  • PP Grocery Containers (#5 plastic resin): such as yogurt cups, and narrow neck syrup and ketchup bottles
  • #7 APlastic Resin Narrow Neck Containers Only
  • Plastic Buckets, such as kitty litter containers (5 gallon size maximum) no metal handles.


  1. All containers to be emptied and rinsed clean
  2. No motor oil, insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers
  3. Plastic bags should be returned to the grocery or department store
  4. No plastic film (no plastic sheets, tarps or wrap)
  5. Expanded foam and clear polystyrene not accepted per joint advisory from the Illinois Recycling Association, Illinois Department of Commerce & Community Affairs, and Region 5 US Environmental Protection Agency


  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
  • Cardboard (no waxed cardboard)
  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Magazines, Catalogs and Telephone Books
  • Office, Computer, Notebook & Gift Wrap Paper (no metal clips, spirals, binders)
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake & food mix boxes, shoe boxes etc)
  • Carrier Stock (soda & beer can carrying cases)
  • Junk Mail & Envelopes (no plastic cards, stick on labels or unused stamps)
  • Paper Back Books (no hard cover books)

Yard Waste

Yard waste is to be set out for pick-up in either a paper yard waste bag or in a 30-35 gallon plastic garbage container marked "Yard Waste." In the case of brush it is to be bundled not larger than 50 lbs., or longer than 5 feet in length. All grass clippings, garden waste, tree trimmings and leaves that are properly set out will be taken on garbage day. Whole trees, stumps, sod, dirt, rocks, and tree limbs over 2" in diameter will not be taken. Yard waste produced by a landscaper will not be taken. Yard-waste service runs from April 1 through November 30.

It is against Village Ordinance 50.55 to sweep, rake or place leaves in the gutter for pickup by the street sweeper. Violators may be cited for violating this ordinance.



Garbage must be placed in a Village issued plastic garbage cart.

Burning of Refuse

The burning of refuse which includes leaves, yard waste, rubbish and any other form of garbage or waste material is prohibited.

Large Objects

Public Works cannot pick up large items that you throw away such as rugs, washers, dryers, or furniture. If you need these items disposed of you need to contact the Village's Waste Removal company.

Street Sweeping & Snow Removal

Street Sweeping runs from April 1 to November 30. Please make sure you obey the street sweeping signs prohibiting parking from 8 AM to 4 PM so the street can be cleaned properly.

After 2" of snow no parking on even side of the street on even dates and no parking on odd side of the street on odd dates between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Vehicles in violation will be subject to ticket and tow. We have instituted a Snow Removal Hot Line that will let residence know if the ban is in effect. You can call 867-7605 to reach this hot line number. All residents will be receiving a flyer that contains additional information and Frequently Asked Questions that should help you.

Watering Restrictions

The times where lawn watering is allowed are between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. then again between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.. For newly sodded or seeded lawns please contact the Village Hall at 708-867-7200 for additional information.

Senate & Congressional Information

U. S. Senators

  • Richard Durbin (D)
    711 Hart Senate Bldg.
    Washington, DC 20510
    9 am to 6 pm ET
    (202) 224-2152 - phone
    (202) 228-0400 - fax

    230 S Dearborn St.
    Suite 3892
    Chicago, IL 60604
    8:30 am to 5 pm
    (312) 353-4952 - phone
    (312) 353-0150 - fax

    525 South 8th St.
    Springfield, IL 62703
    8:30 am to 5 pm
    (217) 492-4062 - phone
    (217) 492-4382 - fax

  • Mark Kirk
    Washington, DC
    524 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington DC, 20510
    Phone: 202-224-2854
    Fax: 202-228-4611

    230 South Dearborn
    Suite 3900
    Chicago, IL 60604
    Phone: 312-886-3506
    Fax: 312-886-2117

    607 East Adams
    Suite 1520
    Springfield, IL 62701
    Phone: 217-492-5089
    Fax: 217-492-5099

    Cook County Commissioner
  • Peter N. Silversti, 9th District 
    District Office: 5515 N East River Rd, Chicago IL 60656
    Cook County Building: 118 N Clark St Suite 567, Chicago IL 60602
    (773) 444-0346
  • State Representative
    Robert Martwick, 19th District

    5433 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60630


    (773) 286-1115

Elementary, High School, and College Districts

Elementary Schools

  • District 79 - Pennoyer (708) 456-9094
  • District 80 - Giles (708) 453-4847
  • Union Ridge School

    Union Ridge School
    District 86 - Union Ridge (708) 867-5822

High School


Flag Etiquette

The proper display of our flag is part of the United States Code (Title 36, United States Code (USC), Chapter 10 as amended by Public Law 344, 94th Congress Approved July 7, 1976). The following web sites will supply you with some wonderful information about our great flag and how to display it.

  • The United States Code gives the actual code with illustrations to show how the flag is to be displayed.
  • The Flag of the United States This site gives a wealth of information about our flag including its history, flag etiquette, and Frequently Asked Questions about the flag.
  • The Home of Heroes site also supplies a good deal of information about the flag and its proper display