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The Village of Harwood Heights - Established 1947

Main Phone Number - 708-867-7200
Tue February 19, 2019
A small town of big opportunities.
Kid's Corner

The Internet can be a very valuable resource not only for adults but for children as well. On this page we will supply sites where children of all ages can find fun things to do as well as educational material to help them with their homework. For those of you who have America Online use the keyword "Ask A Teacher" for an excellent resource for helping your children with their homework. Parents please remember to show your children how to use the Internet responsibly and safely. You may want to review our Internet Safety area with your children before proceeding. So, if you are quiet ready lets go have some fun and learn new things along the way!


If you don't see what you are looking for check out the General References section. Those sites contain just about everything you will ever need when it comes to educational resources.

General References


Science, Science Fair & Nature

History & Government




Although many of the links listed below can be found in our Crime Prevention and Safety Page, we feel they are well worth listing again.