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The Village of Harwood Heights - Established 1947

Main Phone Number - 708-867-7200
Sun March 24, 2019
A small town of big opportunities.
Reporting Crime

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Reporting Crime

Every Police Department needs the help of the public in order to make the community the safest possible place to live and work. Programs such as Neighborhood Watch are of tremendous benefit but we want to give every citizen the opportunity to do their part in reporting crime and suspicious activity.

We can only be in so many places at one time and we depend on you, the citizen to be our extra set of eyes and ears. If you see or hear something suspicious or have information regarding any criminal activity we hope you will take the necessary steps to contact us. To make this even easier we are supplying several ways to pass information on to us. You can:

  • Call 911 in the event of an emergency
  • For non emergencies call us at (708) 867-4353 TTY (708) 867-5700
  • Send a letter to:

    Harwood Heights Police Department
    7300 W. Wilson
    Harwood Heights, Illinois. 60706
  • Stop in our station or e-mail our detectives at devriesj@harwoodheights.org

From time to time we will also appeal to the public for information regarding cases that are currently under investigation. You never know when you may hold the key to solving a crime!

Please remember that that although we would appreciate you leaving your name and phone number in case a follow up interview is needed, you need not leave your name.

Can You Help?


Our department is seeking information regarding the murder of Christine G. Chaikulas of 7525 W. Lawrence. Her body was discovered in her condominium at about 10:30 AM on November 14, 1999. Anyone with information can contact the Harwood Heights Police at (708) 867-4353 or e-mail Detective John Devries @ devriesj@harwoodheights.org