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I Live Alone

The I Live Alone program allows our department to check in on the well being of our senior citizens. All it takes is for the senior citizen, or a member of their family to contact us requesting an I Live Alone information card. This card contains information about who to contact in the event of an emergency, medical information and physician information. Once registered our department personnel will call the senior citizen every Saturday to make sure everything is ok and there are no problems. If we are unable to contact the person after several attempts we will send an officer to check on their well being.

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Neighborhood Watch

We all depend on each other to help protect our neighborhood. We, as the police can't be everywhere at once and we depend on the citizens to help us with reporting suspicious behavior. One way to accomplish this is by our Neighborhood Watch Program. As part of our Community Orientated Policing Program we supply information on how to set up a watch program along with what to look for and how to report any suspicious persons or activity.

Project ID

One of the best ways to protect your household property is to mark it with an identification number specific to you such as your Driver's License number or Social Security number. Items that are marked like this are less likely to be stolen in the first place and in the event they are, the ID number serves as proof of ownership if they are recovered. Unless the victim can positively identify their property it may not be able to be returned.

In order to help you properly identify your property we will lend to any resident of Harwood Heights an engraver as well as instructions and tips on its use. All you need do is stop by our station to pick up the engraver.


To learn all about our D.A.R.E. program visit our D.A.R.E. page by clicking here.

McGruff House

A McGruff House is a temporary haven for children who find themselves in frightening or dangerous situations. Having a McGruff House in the neighborhood indicates someone is watching out for its children. After filling out an application, the resident is provided with a large sign to place in a window so the child knows where they can go for help.

Toys For Tots

Each year in November in conjunction with the United States Marine Corps our department collects toys for needy children. All those who wish to contribute can drop a new unwrapped toy at our department. Help join us in making Christmas just a little bit brighter for the kids who need it the most.

Home & Business Security Inspections

One of the best ways to stop crime is to prevent it from happening in the first place. In order to help reduce the chances of your home or business being broken into we offer a security inspection to residents and businesses within Harwood Heights free of charge. During this inspection an officer will accompany you pointing out different ways you can make you house or business safer and more secure. The officer will also be able to answer any questions you may have about crime prevention or the Police Department in general.


I-SEARCH is a program that was developed to assist in finding lost, missing or kidnapped children. Learning that your child is missing is perhaps the most traumatic ordeal a parent can go through. It is a time of great anxiety and participation in this program will help get vital information on the child out quickly.

When you join this program you will receive a packet that when completed will have the following information about your child:

  • Personal Information Form
  • Fingerprint Card
  • Photograph (updated annually)
  • X-Rays (if available)
  • Dental Records (if available)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Passport (if available)

Officers from our department fingerprint students on an annual basis at Union Ridge School and these fingerprints can be added to your packet. If your child missed this fingerprinting you can contact our department and we can set up a time to do it for you.

Once your packet is complete be sure to put it in a safe location with your other valuable papers. Make sure this location is one that you will remember and be able to get to it quickly.