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The Village of Harwood Heights - Established 1947

Main Phone Number - 708-867-7200
Sun March 24, 2019
A small town of big opportunities.
Building & Planning Department


Electric & Plumbing: The Village of Harwood Heights follows the 2001 or most current Chicago Electric and Plumbing Codes.

Building: The Village of Harwood Heights follows the 2003 International Building Code.


Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Update

Plans are Underway for the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Project, which will create a pedestrian-friendly and attractive environment along Lawrence Avenue between Harlem and Olcott Avenue.

Project Objectives:
The Streetscape improvements will foster the creation of a vibrant commercial and pedestrian corridor which will generate additional sources of tax revenue and decrease the tax burden on local homeowners. The streetscape project will also enhance Harwood Heights’ proud sense of community and will create a new “downtown” to serve as a gathering place and gateway to the Village.

Planned Improvements:
§ Parking, Parking, Parking! – the new proposal will increase public parking along Lawrence Avenue from 78 to 144 stalls! Dedicated Handicapped parking stalls will also be provided.

§ Pedestrian Improvements – new sidewalks, crosswalks, benches, and trash receptacles will be provided throughout the limits of the project

§ Beautification – Parkway trees, flower boxes, hanging planters, decorative street lighting, and accent paving will be provided throughout the limits of the project.

§ Safety Improvements – lighting and parking designs will improve visibility and eliminate unsafe parking practices which currently cause vehicles to protrude into travel lanes.

Funding Sources:
The cost of design, construction, and ongoing maintenance is funded entirely by a Illinois Transportation Enhancement Grant and a Special Service Area taxing district affecting only 12 property owners along Lawrence Avenue. The taxing district was established earlier this year with the consent of all affected property owners.
Status / Construction Schedule:
Preliminary Plans have been submitted to IDOT and are presently in review. Construction is expected to commence in Spring, 2007.

Parking for Contractors:
Parking for contractors working on Lawrence Avenue will be provided at the ITW site through an agreement executed between the village and ITW through Dec. 1, 2006. This will keep the local streets clear for the residents.

The Village held a public open house on June 1, 2006, to present the preliminary Lawrence Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project design. The Village plans to hold another public meeting prior to submitting a final permit application to IDOT. If you have questions, comments or suggestions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Paul May, Village Engineer and Project Manager at 867-7200.